I am Martin Wyatt, and this is me in a nutshell...

I’m an unusually social, creative, and fun loving ex Chartered Accountant.

Being retired and only in my 50s has given the time and the opportunity to do what I have always wanted to do. I have been able to finally really express my creativity by sharing the places and stories on time traveI I have always encountered and enjoyed within my own mind.

“You, an accountant?…you’re not a typical accountant!”.. is a  phrase I’ve heard hundred times.  I love people, not maths or logic. I have always wanted to help people and improve lives.  But I was a rebel. Wearing a beating heart on my sleeve, I would kick against the rules, I was a non-conformist. To my chagrin, life and my career buried my humour, resolve and personality. Living in tram-lines that were not my manufacture, I was forced to become what society understood. Now I am free to be Martin Wyatt again. Criticised for sporting an ear stud as ‘not what a chartered accountant does’, now I can pierce what I want.

I am blessed to have five talented and beautiful children.  I have wonderful, precious twin granddaughters.  My best friend, apart from my wife, is Chloe my companion in life, my dog. I’m an avid Oxford United fan.

My inspiration

I had a privileged upbringing in rural England, neighbouring the beautiful Cotswolds in the UK. Being a ‘countryside’ dweller has never left my being.  There were two houses whose doors I never needed to knock, door bells were uncommon, my parents and grandparents. I lived in each house in equilibrium and made many happy memories.

I adored both my parents and grandparents. I was taught so much of ‘life’ by them. My nan and gramp were such inspiring and amazing characters. I have inherited my gramp’s eccentricity and view of life.

I visit them in my dreams.   I regret not asking them more questions, I miss them and I would love to travel back in time, a second chance to interact and enjoy their knowledge and company.

Why time travel interests me

I have vivid, colour-filled dreams. Characters and events of years long gone are regular guests. We may be divided by death, geography, or time, but in my mind they live on.


What if I could time travel?’

What if I choose the white door and not the blue door What if? ...

I spent a lifetime wondering about time travel .. now I live in in my own upside down World of imagined and substantive characters. I would love those of you who love to escape your own reality for a while and time travel through time visiting people and places in your mind’s eye to join me.

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