Meet Charlie

Charlie is the central character in my books. He is 14 years old at the start of his story, and he travels through time and enjoys his busy career.

This is his opportunity to tell you more about himself and his gramp, Wilf.

(Oh, and Charlie’s not really fictional at all. He is alive and doing exceptionally well, thanks very much.)

An interview with Charlie

What’s your current occupation?

– Retired.

What are your main interests?

Time travel, rural pursuits and family.

Following question contains a spoiler [SPOILER ALERT]

Yes, it’s great. I love her so much.

What’s your current health like?

Hmm.. are you sure you want to know [laughs] I’m a Diabetic Type 1. I was diagnosed with large vessel vasculitis 3 years ago and had 12 lots of chemotherapy. They’ve amputated my big toe on my right foot. Then to cap it all I had 3 strokes because the chemotherapy failed.  I still can’t walk any distance and had to retrain myself how to walk.  I’m waiting for the kitchen sink to be thrown through the window

How close were you to your gramp?

– We were inseparable. Sorry can you stop recording, I’m going to cry. [Pause in recording.] Look I can’t really talk about my gramp. We were so close it’s still too raw to talk about him, sorry.

Following question contains a spoiler [SPOILER ALERT]

Still got two parents, one sister and one brother, the family is united, loving, alive and well, thanks for asking. I currently live in good ‘ol rural Oxfordshire.

What does your dad do now?

He’s retired and unfortunately he’s crippled with arthritis.

What’s your academic background?


I gained a first class honours degree in Modern History at Oxford University.

Have you kept up your athletic skills?


Too crippled now. I was so fast. I was an Oxfordshire sprint champion and played most sports at a high level.

With all this pressure and stress do you drink?


Not alcohol; just loads of diet coke, tea and water.

Do you smoke?


I have no vices I am prepared to share on this social outlet with your readers.

What’s your ultimate ambition?

– To become a citizen of Planet Normal. To learn how to live with what I am. As a song says in one of my favourite all time musicals; ‘This is me!!’ I so worry what people think about me.

Thanks Charlie

–  Thanks Martin

Meet Wilf

Wilf is Charlie’s gramp.

Unfortunately Wilf died some 20 years ago and I am not yet close enough to him in my time travels to give first-hand information to you. I hope the interview that follows is helpful and if you want me to ask any further questions to Charlie or Wilf when I next see them, please let me know.

Molly Wyatt’s exclusive interview with Wilf Pritchard

Molly: Thank you so much for doing this interview today Wilf

Wilf: Is it for a food magazine?

Wyatt: No, it’s for a website.

Wilf: What’s a website?

Wyatt: Let’s move on. What was your favourite food?

Wilf: Gert’s ‘Yorkshire pudding cooked in beef dripping.’

Wyatt: Favourite pastime?

Wilf: Pooh sticks under Barford bridge and fun raids through time, both with my grandson, Charlie.

Wyatt: Favourite destination?

Wilf: Battle of Hastings

Wyatt: The two questions everybody is asking; ‘where the watch is now?’ and ‘how many more journeys through time did you make?’

Wilf: I’m not going to answer those. Can I smoke my pipe now?

Wyatt: Yes you can. Thanks for speaking to us today.

Wilf: Thanks Polly (deliberately mispronouncing her name).

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