October and November

It has been a busy few months. Much accomplished. There is much still to be done.
Once I’ve drunk four cups of tea I am generally ready to start the day. Here is what I achieved.
I re-edited and rewrote large passages of my first novel Broken Panes.
I also set up a competition and chose the design for my third novel’s book cover, the novel is called Chameleons. There were over 100 entrants.
Chameleons will be available for Christmas. I’m really excited about self-publishing on Amazon again.
I hope to put the finalised book cover onto this website in the next week. I hope you will love the design as much as I do. Make sure you revisit the website and let me know your thoughts on the design.
I decided to cut the prices of my first two novels to the minimum possible. If you haven’t bought one yet I recommend Pathways in Time as an appetizer of my work.

I also completed my fourth manuscript, Imago. It’s a pulsating novel of 60,000 words. Based in the future it’s an adventure with twists and turns.

I am now planning my fifth novel. I hope by the end of March of next year to have completed it and be ready to send it to my editor.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy 2020.

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