The first steps

It’s early October and my first novel was sent off to be proofread and edited.

Two weeks later the magnificent Maurice, good nick-name, has knocked the novel into shape. It is the culmination of two years of my sparse spare time.

I also engage the services of the ebullient Karen from KC Graphics, to design and maintain a small website for you dear reader. She is all I could ask for, a lovely Barbadian and the most enthusiastic person for my project.

I complete two further novelettes; these have been on the back-burner for the past two years.

I purchase book covers to use for my first 3 novels. Don’t worry dear reader; you are going to choose future covers!

I start planning and structuring my next 6 novels.

I struggle with technology; new software, hyperlinks and basic understanding. Thank goodness for the brilliant Karen. At work this was all done behind the scenes by the IT department, left to myself I am useless.

Set-backs, like a cavernous pot-hole, undermines my confidence.  Time to find Robert the Bruce’s spider!

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